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Get set for #NationalTeaDay, 21st April

Tea has been integral to British culture for decades. In fact, we Brits consume around 62 billion cups of tea a year! This beautifully British beverage is not only a warm and comforting drink, it’s ingrained into our social conventions: tea breaks, offers of tea to guests. Plus, there’s the simple fact that tea solves everything!

But don’t be fooled: it’s simple in principle, but the art of tea drinking is complex and varied, whether you put your milk in first or last, use a Pantone-worthy brew chart to get the colour spot on, or opt for a fruity herbal blend. And don’t even get us started on dunk-able biscuits!

So April 21st is the day we celebrate the brew, and did you know that your favourite cuppa says a lot more about you than you might have imagined? (Well, not exactly scientifically but – you know!)

Try out our extremely scientific brew test below to discover if you’re a Loose Leaf Loyalist, the ‘Only in a Posh Mug’, or a straight up Builders Brew. You’ll learn exactly ‘What your brew says about you!’

Enjoy #NationalTeaDay

Brew test

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