How To Get Your Partner To Say ‘YES’ To A New Kitchen


Yes, we all know investing in a kitchen is a huge commitment. Yes, we know it takes a lot of time to plan and may set you back a fair few of your hard earned pennies. And yes, we know the other half may need some persuading — are you constantly fighting over floral feature walls vs fully functioning bar and pool table extension?… Well, read on and let’s have a light-hearted look at what you could do to get your partner to say YES to a new kitchen (your way!)

Plan A – Trickery

Trick them into thinking they will benefit the most; convince them that a combi-oven with all the frills (a top-spec model that you’d never dare reveal the price of) is really the only one for cooking pizzas and grilling nachos on game day (when of course this is your master plan and you will make all the decisions when it comes to style, colour and appliances… Out with the beer fridge and in with the wine cooler?).

Plan B – Guilt

Guilt trip them with a distant memory of that time they bought a really expensive car/gadget/boys weekend away. What goes around, comes around! It’s only fair you get to decide what goes where in the kitchen as a result.

Plan C – Convince

Order the kitchen and convince them they already agreed to this — how dare they accuse you of making such a life changing decision without their knowledge! (Maybe they were under-the-influence at the time? — You could roll with that!)

Plan D – Risky

Give them an ultimatum – new kitchen or you take away certain privileges — I heard there was a pretty important football tournament going on at the moment…WARNING: tread lightly! — How stubborn is your partner?! This could end in disaster.

Plan E – Yummy

And if all else fails, bribe them with food. Tradition (and some stereotypes) would suggest 24oz steak, full rack of ribs or any Man Vs Food-worthy dish will suffice.

Now, enjoy your new kitchen!

Intended for entertainment and mild humour only — in no way do we condone this level of deceit and mastermind planning against your loved one…


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