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Genius hacks for an energy-efficient kitchen

Save time, money and energy with these quick and easy tips.

Many homeowners are feeling the heat as energy bills continue to rise – but what can you do to feel less of the burn in the kitchen? You could of course think about renewing your appliances to smarter, more energy-efficient ones, or introduce LED lighting throughout.

However, if you’re not in a place to do so, then start by following these energy-savvy hacks that will help you slice your energy consumption (and your bills!) in no time.  

Fill the freezer

Simply reduce energy consumption by filling the freezer up. How does it work? Well, believe it or not, keeping air cold uses more energy than keeping food cold does.

Use bigger pans for liquids

Swap your smaller pans for larger ones to heat liquids on the hob. As with a larger surface area, it will heat up quicker, meaning less energy and money out of your pocket.

Use glass or ceramic dishes in the oven

Glass or ceramic ovenproof dishes retain heat better than their metal counterparts making them more efficient in the oven – this means they cook your food quicker.

Switch off appliances on standby

Many appliances are energy zappers even when you’re not using them – they can use 10-15% of your energy consumption. If it has a light or a digital clock, then it’s likely to be draining energy.

Check your fridge’s temperature

As it’s switched on 24/7 all year round, it’s worth checking the temperature of your fridge is correct once in a while. It should be set between three and four degrees. Place a fridge thermometer in the centre for 24 hours, take a reading and adjust the temperature dial accordingly.

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