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Five Fun Ways to Clean Your Kitchen

We all love feeling smug and putting our feet up after seeing the results of a deep clean in the kitchen. It’s a blissful vision with sparkly clean appliances, fresh smelling sinks and squeaky-clean worktops as you can now prepare and cook food in an organised and clean environment (well for a short while that is!)

But how do you find the motivation in the first place to up your sleeves and get stuck in? Well the answer is simple… make cleaning fun in the kitchen!

We’ve compiled together five top tips on how to spur you on whilst cleaning. So scroll down and discover how you can be entertained and the pass time whilst scrubbing the most used room in your home.

1. Music is key

It’s scientifically impossible to not be joyful when you’re dancing, so music is a given when you’re cleaning! Plus, you burn even more calories. Hit the app store and download your favourite cleaning play list – the quicker paced songs are a great choice as they’re more likely to get you in the groove and unknowingly make you work quicker.

2. Get the family involved

Having company always lifts your mood, so why not blitz the kitchen altogether at the same time? It feels less daunting as you can assign tasks to each family member. Make a to-do list on your kitchen chalk board and write names against each cleaning task after discussing what they prefer to do. Each person can clean a certain area so you’re not bumping into each other!

Or make a rule of thumb that whoever cooks, your other half, flatmate or little ones can clean up afterwards. That way it keeps you space tidy along the way.

3. Use fresh scents

It’s a well-known fact that soothing scents can make us feel good such as lavender, fresh cotton and citrus fruits, so why not use great-smelling cleaning products? As a result, it will feel like an indulgent and enjoyable task (almost!).

It’s really down to personal preference what scents you prefer but natural ones are best for the kitchen such as fresh laundry, herbs, flowers, fruits and spices like vanilla.  

4. Learn a new language

It’s one of those things you’ve always wanted to do and never found the time for it, but you can actually clean and learn a new language at the same time! There are several free apps out there that can guide you through each stage of learning a language and you can do as much or as little as you want.

Pull up a lesson on your mobile, pop on your headphones, and clean your way to bilingualism. It will make you feel doubly satisfied!

5. Reward yourself

Apparently, cleaning can burn over 200 calories per hour – so guess what, you have earnt a treat so grab that glass of wine or a bar of chocolate! Knowing that you will be rewarded at the end of your cleaning session will make you work twice as hard, plus a treat is always a great incentive to get little ones involved too.

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