Five best lighting ideas for your kitchen island

Kitchen island lighting ideas

It’s always tricky deciding on those finishing touches in your kitchen, so we’re shedding light on the ultimate statement piece – kitchen island lights.  They can truly transform the look and feel of the space creating either a warehouse, retro, charming or luxe look to name a few!

Have fun and showcase your personality with oversized kitchen lighting which is bang on trend at the moment, such as brass globe sputnik chandeliers and exposed wired cluster lights.

The kitchen island is one of the most hard-working versatile areas in the kitchen so don’t forget to be practical with your choice of light fittings. It needs to be pretty and functional; so it’s the correct length over an island, doesn’t obstruct any views and illuminates the area enough so you can work and entertain guests safely.

Kitchen island with pendant lighting

The rule of thumb is to suspend hanging lights above an island 28 – 34 inches above, as well as position the lights central to the island or distribute the lights evenly (usually three pendants).

Read on to learn more about our top five kitchen island lights to suit any space, any style and any home.

Exposed industrial lights

Keep it simple with industrial style lights. Several exposed bulbs with stand-out filaments look stunning against an urban style kitchen with raw materials such as concrete, slate and steel. Mix and match the style of bulbs and don’t forget to align them at slightly different heights to create a relaxed look.

These simple yet effective lights suit a variety of kitchens from traditional Shaker to contemporary clean-lined ranges such as Milano. The colour of the wires and bulb fittings can be adjusted to the style of your kitchen, for example brass light fittings look at home in a traditional space.

You can have as many or as little hanging lights as you wish, depending on the size of your island of course. It’s best to have an odd number of pendants, as stylists say it’s easier on the eye, more balanced, and creates a less formal look.

Exposed industrial kitchen lights

Statement chandelier

To create a strong visual focal point above your island, a statement chandelier adds the wow factor and grandeur. There’s so much choice on the market from art deco styles, metal finishes, antique brass to modern polished nickel.

But rather than getting perplexed about the vast array, why not tie it in with the style of your kitchen and focus on a particular finishing touch, Such as a gold metal splashback, matt black tap, or antique brass handles?

Chandeliers typically lend themselves to country style kitchens. However, you could get creative and think outside the box with an oversized futuristic design with dramatic white globe lights.

Kitchen island - statement chandelier

If you do not have enough natural light or bulbs on your chandelier, you may need to think about additional ceiling spotlights over your island for maximum illumination. Or if one chandelier isn’t enough, you could just place three over your island! #

Classy fluted glass

For an understated classy affair opt for a fuss-free fluted pendant – these kitchen lights over an island suit any kitchen design. From sophisticated modern kitchens, to bright retro styles and elegant country designs.

They’re the go-to lights as they’re super versatile, but a really effective way to create a feature out of your island. Most people choose three pendants, but dependant on the size of your island, you could opt for even more.

These pendants aren’t boring by any means: you can choose different styles of glass from frosted to lined designs and different coloured fittings such as brass or nickel. Again, marry your light design with finishing touches such as handles, splashbacks, taps and stools.

Cluster of bulbs

We’re lusting over clusters as there are so many exciting designs on the market! From geometric beauties, to elegant waterfall styles and playful bubble varieties, these stunning light fittings are playfully impactful above an island.

Perfectly placed above the seating area or cooking space on your island, these kitchen island lights are the ultimate showstopper and create a pool of light. You can either go compact for smaller spaces such as three clusters, or over-the-top with several to cover large islands.

Kitchen island lighting - cluster of bulbs

You can add a dash of playful colour and co-ordinate them with soft furnishings, walls or units. Remember, these lights can have a long drop so be sure to measure your ceiling to island ratio.

Natural lantern-style

Woven or rattan lantern-style lights add texture to any themed kitchen, however those looking to achieve a boho or Scandi feel will tie in the theme perfectly. They’re all the rage right now and evoke memories of long lazy summer days.

A shorter style then suspended lights, lanterns suit those with lower ceilings and create a clean and open feel with the birdcage design.

They’re mostly in natural hemp colour or whites and blacks for a more modern take, which makes them suitably versatile for Shaker style kitchens or ultra-modern Handleless ranges.

They come in all shapes and sizes such as teardrop, fishbowl and lattice, so it’s great to use a mix above your island. This pared-back Scandi inspired style will instantly update your kitchen décor, and once lit, will create a dazzling mosaic effect.

Striking lights over an island can work wonders, adding ambience and style to your space. Most of all, have fun with it, but make sure your choice is practical too. Has this perked your creativity? If so check out our kitchen planner or book a design appointment with an expert.

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