Fictional Foods Competition: Winner Announced!

Ever watched Matilda and thought you could finish off Bruce Bogrotter’s chocolate cake? Or fantasised about getting your hands on a Big Kahuna burger à la Pulp Fiction?

We put a call out for YOU to make your own fictional delicacy, for the chance to win a family TV and entertainment bundle, featuring an Amazon Alexa, a Now TV media box, a year’s subscription to Disney+, and a three-month Spotify subscription.

From Buddy’s Candy Pasta in Elf, to Krabby Patties in Spongebob Squarepants, and the dreaded Friends’ trifle, you guys certainly delivered!

We had the hard task of choosing the winner, but we’re pleased to announce we chose Lisa, for her excellent recreation of Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake!

But as there were so many great entries, we wanted to share several of our favourites. So, let’s see the runner’s up! Warning, the following images may cause hunger pangs.

Darren – Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction)

Darren’s Big Kahuna burger has gotten us salivating, and we love the branded bag and cup!

Lydia – Bruce Bogrotter’s chocolate cake (Matilda)

We love Lydia’s recreation of the Bruce’s chocolate cake – not to mention the fact that she dressed up like Miss Trunchbull!

Jim – Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction)

Another Big Kahuna burger to feature on this list, we love the character references in the picture.

Abigail – Buddy’s candy pasta (Elf)

Abigail’s pasta looks surprisingly delicious, given the fact it’s loaded with sugar and sweets – and bonus points for dressing up like Buddy the elf!

Alicia – Krabby Patty (Spongebob)

Alicia’s Krabby Patty looks ridiculously tasty – and we love the drawings of Spongebob, Gary, Plankton, Patrick and Mr Krabs!

Angela – Shepherd’s Pie trifle (Friends)

The only Shepherd’s Pie trifle to feature on our list, Angela’s trifle features raspberries, bananas, whipped cream, and of course… that all-important layer of shepherd’s pie!

M Hodgson – Krabby Patty (Spongebob)

We love the fact that the secret recipe Plankton’s always trying to steal has been strategically placed next to this Krabby Patty!

Nichola – Buddy’s candy pasta (Elf)

Featuring pop tarts, syrup and a Christmas tree, Nichola’s candy pasta is as festive as it is sugary sweet!

Helen – Big Kahuna Burger  (Pulp Fiction)

Helen’s Big Kahuna Burger looks truly delicious, and we love the dressing up efforts of the whole family!

Mark – Spaghetti tacos (iCarly)

Can’t decide whether to have spaghetti or tacos? We love Mark’s combination of the two, featured in the popular TV show, iCarly.

Catherine – Bruce Bogrotter’s chocolate cake (Matilda)

Another delicious Bruce Bogtrotter-inspired chocolate cake made by Catherine, which we desperately want to eat!

Claire – Big Kahuna Burger (Pulp Fiction)

Our mouths are well and truly watering from this delectable Big Kahuna burger, created by Claire!

Hannah – Bruce Bogrotter’s chocolate cake (Matilda)

One of the chocolatiest chocolate cakes we’ve ever seen, we just wish we had a chance to sample Hannah’s cake before it had all gone!

Congratulations to everyone who made it on this list! While our competition might be over, if you’ve been inspired to cook up a storm in the kitchen, you can still create one of our fictional foods. Alternatively, for more recipe inspiration, head on over to our blog.

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