Dos & Don’ts for Smaller Spaces


Make the most out of your kitchen space and create a beautiful compact kitchen.

Do prioritise appliances.

u94DCfiQDepending on your lifestyle, different appliances take priority in the kitchen. Therefore, we’d suggest thinking about what you need and will use the most. If you’re not one for cooking and prefer pre-prepared dishes, then you may require a bigger fridge space and could sacrifice some room elsewhere. Alternatively, integrated appliances are a great solution for saving space while creating a uniform look to your compact kitchen.



Don’t create clutter.

3461654d-4824-41c4-9997-287dead5d79fKeep the clutter at bay and store it away. Your cupboards and drawers are your biggest storage resource, so it’s important to maximise these spaces. If you don’t have the space to accommodate a large pantry, then a pull-out organiser is the perfect solution – allowing you to keep your kitchen condiments both organised and accessible. For drawer storage, cutlery inserts are your answer. Available in a vast array of colours and sizes, this simple invention makes life in the kitchen a lot easier.


Do keep your colour scheme simple.

4788c20b-8095-47b0-aaed-a361520e0186Bright whites, soft greys, blush nudes and pretty pastels are all colour palettes that are simple yet stylish and work brilliantly well in smaller spaces. Neutral colours naturally reflect the light, making a significant impact on the impression of the room size.



Don’t skimp on lighting.

image_2Lighting is a key element of your kitchen as it can truly transform the room. From atmospheric feature lighting to intergraded spotlights, there’s a vast array of choice to add style and elegance to your kitchen. Remember to let the natural light in too by keeping window space sleek and simple. The more light, the bigger your space will feel.



Do make a statement.

a0c13084-30fd-4893-8fe2-052527b26279Go all-out and incorporate show-stopping statements. A strong patterned floor or geometric style splashback is a great way to make your room feel bigger and add that wow factor to your kitchen. However, if this idea doesn’t suit your style, why not accessorise with bright, bold accents? Trendy coloured toasters and retro-inspired radios are rising popular trends that offer cute and characterful touches to your kitchen space.



Don’t waste space.

arosietintedlens_2019-11-24_3389719479When space is precious, you need to work extra hard to make every square inch count. For example, you can turn those awkward corners of your kitchen into smart storage. Rotating magic corner storage can bring the contents of your cupboards to you, while keeping your oversized platter plates and pots and pans neatly stored away.

Alternatively, if cabinet and drawer space are in short supply, wall storage is the perfect alternative. Use this space to add a personal touch to your kitchen by showing off your favourite crockery to family and friends.


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