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This week on the blog we are exploring the benefits of buying Bosch appliances. As a supplier of Bosch products, we really believe that their range of kitchenware is exemplary in its functionality, style and efficiency. And, as a five time winner of the Which? Best Home Appliance Brand award it’s clear we are not the only ones!

Bosch take care of the environment and their consumers’ pockets by manufacturing products that are sustainably produced and economical to use. With great functions, such as ovens with the Hotair Eco mode, you can cook delicious food and save money on your bills. The Hotair Eco mode is a programme specially designed for one shelf cooking, it gives you the same results as cooking with your full oven but uses 30% less energy; perfect for one shelf meals like lasagne, shepherd’s pie and casseroles. This type of innovative design is exactly what makes Bosch’s product range so spectacular.

Steamer Oven From Bosch

Ovens designed for you

Bosch take all the little details into account when building their ovens. They know that the kitchen is a place to cook, relax in and enjoy, so they have developed soft close doors that close gently, quietly and safely. So, now you can rest assured that there will be no loud noises disturbing your dinner parties.

Bosch have even got your cleaning regime covered. When you buy a Bosch oven with a pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle there’s no need to bring out the elbow grease. The self-cleaning function will heat your oven to 480°C reducing any dirt to ash, which can then be simply wiped away once your oven has cooled – brilliant!

If you’re not a whizz in the kitchen and you prefer to stick to your microwave, Bosch have developed a range of superb products to make your microwave cooking as easy and effective as possible. Microwaves with over 70 programmes, that will even turn themselves off at the end of cooking to prevent your food from being overdone, will make you wonder how you survived without them.

If healthy eating is your priority, you should definitely explore the benefits of a Bosch steam oven. Designed to lock in key nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as keeping food moist and tasty, their steam ovens are surprisingly versatile, cooking everything from bread to roast beef.

Bosch Induction Hob with Pan

Brilliant Induction Hob

When choosing a hob, Bosch’s selection is second to none, with their brilliant induction hobs that have been specially designed around you. They can boil water nearly twice as fast as gas and three times faster than ceramic – saving you both time and money. When induction cooking, the clever technology heats the base of the pan instead of the hob, meaning the cooking zone around your pan remains cool to touch. This reduces the risk of accidents and also makes the clean-up much faster, as stains won’t get burnt onto your cooker.

We have only just scratched the surface on all the great products Bosch have manufactured. Remember, your kitchen is the heart of your home, so take your time when considering which appliances are best for your household.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Bosch’s great range of products, then why not view our website, or keep your eyes on our blog for more useful posts on Bosch’s appliances.



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