Choosing the Perfect Worktop


Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen can be challenging. Never underestimate the impact your worktop choice will have on your overall kitchen design scheme. There are a variety of options available for all needs and preferences, but the most important factors to consider are functionality, colour, style and cost. Luckily, technology has provided hard-wearing materials that suit even the busiest of homes and for every budget. Here, Wren Kitchens Showroom and Design Director, Darren Watts, explains some of the best materials to consider and why, for your kitchen worktop:


MAC_S74-BG_Range_[F02]“Wren’s most popular worktop material, quartz, is an investment in style and substance. Made from one of nature’s strongest minerals – quartz – mixed with resin, this advanced engineering process combines the natural beauty of stone with all the benefits of technology. This means you can enjoy the look and feel of real stone in a wide variety of colours and patterns that are more consistent in tone than any raw organic material.

“Quartz is a fantastic option for those wanting to achieve that natural look for a traditional kitchen and it is very affordable too. Wren is continuing to expand its stunning but hardwearing range of quartz worktops, with 22 dramatic colours and a 25-year guarantee.”


STU_S38-SEP_Sink_[F03]“Much like laminate flooring, laminate worktops can be a versatile choice that realistically mimics materials such as wood and granite for a fraction of the cost. With over 100 different combinations of depths and finishes, Wren offers a unique range from wood to marble effect.

Developments in the material over recent years have ensured that despite being the affordable option, laminate maintains a hard-wearing quality alongside a good and versatile visual aesthetic.


AI_SR_Portrait_[F01]“Classic and contemporary, a timber  worktop brings the natural beauty of wood into the home, giving a unique and warm finish to the kitchen. Timber is tough and hardwearing, and with care – and regular oiling – it even improves with age. If you use a lot of heat, you can protect the timber by popping trivets under hot pans and  always use a chopping board during food preparation.

“As a natural material, every slab of timber is unique with its own grain patterns and colour giving it a charm of its own. However, despite its visual beauty, timber worktops can be high maintenance to look after. They require regular oiling in order to maintain good condition.”


BU_S26B-CB_SINK_TOP_[F01]“Corian achieves that ultra-modern minimalistic look which is proving more and more popular. Most of Wren’s customers purchase the super sleek glacier white colour – as it creates clean, continuous lines with a fully-moulded sink and drainer. One of the main advantages of this manmade material is that it can be pieced together in your home, so it’s suitable for sleek top floor city flats with narrow access. You can also create a feature of it by shining light through. For those techy fans, a nifty wireless charger can be added underneath the worktop – no wires, no fuss, just pop your phone on the worktop and it magically charges.”


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