Another Great Bake Off…


Happy Friday folks! We’ve learnt to love Fridays just that little bit more now our Account Managers are bringing in baked goods each week. And it seems to be getting better and better. This week, key lime pies!

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie – Angry Birds’ entry

First up was the Angry Birds’ entry, lovingly baked by Kirsty. The three judges this week all commented on the delicious crumble of the buttery biscuit base! (YES, we managed to get that in there…) The creamy lime topping was balanced between the zest of lime and rich cream cheese. Indulgent, to say the least!

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie – Cookie Monsters’ entry

Next up was the Cookie Monsters’ entry, cutely displayed by Holly in cupcake casings and wonderfully Spring fresh in yellow! A little more bitesize than Kirsty’s entry, but delicious nonetheless!

Tasty Key Lime Pie

The two entries side by side

Kirsty brought in lime wedges for the judges to squeeze on top if they wanted extra ‘zing’.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

A bonus entry from the Angry Birds!

The bonus this week was Kirsty’s generosity in bringing chocolate orange beauties in alongside her key lime pie entry! It’s safe to say people lingered a little longer this week when walking past Kirsty’s desk…

Wren's Bake Off

Account Manager Bake Off – Key Lime Pies

And here they are, in all their sweet, delicious glory.

And the results are in…

Again, it was another close week for the score board. Holly’s entry for the Cookie Monsters bagged her 44/60 points, after her key lime pies were judged for presentation and taste.

Kirsty’s entry for the Angry Birds got her 52/60, meaning she bagged the first win for the Angry Birds! Congratulations Kirsty on winning the prestigious prize of a Cadbury’s Creme Egg…

Check back next week to see what our star bakers are up to…


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