Take your taste buds on a trip and try this sweet Spanish treat!

Almendrados are a traditional Spanish dessert that relies on the delicious and nutty flavour of almonds. These flourless biscuits are made from ground and blanched almonds, combined with sugar and lemon to give them a perfect crunch.

With thanks to AEG, you can give this super simple recipe a try!


–           1 large egg

–           200g ground almonds

–           175g caster sugar

–           100g whole blanched almonds

–           Zest of one lemon 


Preheat the oven using True Fan to 160°C. Line an AEG MaxiTray with parchment paper.

Put the ground almonds, 150g caster sugar (set aside remaining 25g caster sugar) and lemon zest in a bowl and mix thoroughly.

Beat the egg and add to the dry ingredients and thoroughly combine to form a soft dough.

Shape the dough into about 20 balls. Roll each ball in the remaining caster sugar and place the balls on the AEG MaxiTray, allow space for the mixture to spread, push a whole almond in the centre. 

Bake for 10-12 minutes until cookies feel crisp on the outside, soft in the centre, and golden brown. 

Remove from the oven and allow to cool on the AEG MaxiTray.

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