2023 Bedroom Interior Trends: From Dopamine to Quiet Luxury

Infinity Plus Georgian in Sage Green Matt

Serene in Green

Green is a colour renowned for its calming effects, so it’s not surprising that green bedroom interiors are becoming increasingly popular. Just like in nature, shades of green blend together harmoniously indoors as well as outdoors, providing a soothing and comforting atmosphere that is perfect for a bedroom, creating a tranquil environment.

Our bedroom range boasts a plethora of botanical-inspired shades, from delicate Sage to mysterious Forest Green, to bring a touch of nature to your boudoir.

Infinity Plus Shaker Classic 5 Panel Ermine in Pillow Matt

Dopamine Design

Give your space a vibrant energy boost with the help of bold, eye-catching colours and mood-lifting accent pieces. This style is all about enabling your bedroom to become an expression of your personality while also providing a burst of positive vibes and a dose of that dreamy dopamine. Create a unique and inspiring atmosphere with your own personal style.

If you wish to enjoy the dopamine-inducing effect of bright colors without committing to it for your fitted furniture, choose a neutral hue and instead add bursts of vivid shades to your walls, furniture and fabrics.Our Shaker Classic 5 Panel Ermine in Pillow Matt is a timeless selection that will perfectly complement any vibrant splash of colour.

Infinity Plus Ultra Sliding Wardrobes in Bianco

Clutter-Free Minimalism

Minimalist design has been around for a while, however, with the rise of organisational hacks and tidying up tips on social media, achieving a streamlined, uncluttered space is more popular than ever.

Stepping into a bedroom that is free of clutter, the first thing one can observe is the serene and tranquil atmosphere. Light and airy colour palettes create an illusion of a larger room, while fitted furniture optimises the use of all available space for storage. Sliding wardrobes are ideal for creating a minimalist look, with their sleek and streamlined facades and the capability to conveniently conceal all items.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is quickly gaining traction as one of the defining interior trends of 2023, as people strive for a relaxed and sophisticated look that will remain timeless. Soft hues and minimalistic furniture combine to create a chic and luxurious atmosphere that conveys taste without being ostentatious.

Our Shaker Classic in the subtle hue of Fossil Grey is the perfect embodiment of Quiet Luxury. Complement it with plush fabrics such as velvets and linens that whisper sophistication, rather than shouting it out.

Vintage Vibes

Vintage decor has experienced a major resurgence in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. People are opting to purchase vintage furniture to bring charm and vibrancy to their homes. Not only is this a sustainable choice, but it also allows them to acquire pieces of superior quality. Combining second-hand furniture with fitted-bedroom furniture ensures that your bedroom storage solutions are enduring while also creating an intriguing juxtaposition between modern and vintage.

Our Shaker Classic design is a perfect complement to vintage furnishings, thanks to its traditional frontal and its versatile nature.

Feeling inspired? Book your free bedroom design appointment or visit one of our showrooms to design your own dream boudoir!

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