Skewers of Grilled Halloumi and Tomato with Lime & Basil Dressing

These halloumi skewers are a delightful veggie treat for your gatherings in the garden with friends and family this summer.


  • 400g halloumi cheese cut into approx 2cm cubes
  • 300g watermelon cut into approx 2cm cubes
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Zest & Juice of 1 lime
  • Bunch of fresh basil, chopped including the stalk
  • 50ml olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic – grated 


Mix the grated garlic, olive oil and lime juice together with the zest and half of the chopped basil.

Marinade the tomatoes and cheese in half the dressing for approximately 2 hours.

Soak your wooden skewers in hot water for 20 minutes, then thread alternate cheese, melon and tomato onto the skewers ending with a tomato. 

Heat your grill pan or plancher grill until hot and grill the skewers, turning carefully as the cheese browns – don’t try to turn before; otherwise, it will stick. 

Serve with the basil leaf and the remaining dressing.

Download the Recipe Card Here

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