Samsung H56xW800xD520 4 Zone Induction Hob

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Please be aware, pace maker and insulin pump users may be effected when an induction hob is in use. Please refer to all of the manufacturers guidelines and consult your doctor for any concerns or potential risks. 

Key features

Spacious Cooking
Enjoy the luxury of a 80cm induction cook top with 4 burners including a Anyplace Zone and easy slide controls

Touch Control
With simple, soft touch and slide control, enjoy multiple power levels, warming and flame icons right at your fingertips.

Flexible Cooking Space
The sleek, framless design gives excellent flexibility in cooking - allowing you to accommodate many dishes at once, including large trays and platters.

Simply Pre-heat Pans
The Ready Pan function lets you rapidly preheat cookware with one simple touch, preheating the pan before automatically reducing the temperature to a moderate level that’s used for general cooking.

Instantly high heat
The Quick Start option reduces the steps and time it takes to start cooking by delivering an instant high heat

General information

Type: Induction

Width: 80cm

Child Lock: Yes

Surface: Ceramic Glass

Display Type: LED (Red)

Frame: 3 Bevelled

Control Method: Sliding & Direct Access

Model Type Install: Built-in

Total Power (Elec): 7.2 kW

Burner 1: 1.2 kW (145mm)

Burner 2: 2.4 kW (280mm)

Flex Zone: 3.3 kW

Number of Burner: 4 EA

Package (WxHxD): 900X137X582 mm

Cutout (WxHxD): W750XD490 mm

Net (WxHxD): 800X56X520 mm

Weight (Gross): 18.7 kg

Weight (Net): 15.5 kg

Product Code AP.HO.SAM.002