Wine Coolers and Beer Pumps

Wine Coolers and Beer Pumps

If you're partial to a chilled glass of something stronger, then consider having an integrated wine cooler. You can get slim-fitting ones, a full fridge-sized installation or a drawer that opens to reveal perfectly chilled bottles. If your taste runs to beer rather than wine, then maybe have an integrated draught beer pump installed - perfect for parties!

The Wren Kitchens selection of contemporary wine coolers is bound to ensure that every drop of wine reaches the glass of you and your guests at the optimum temperature.

Cool enough for a delicate Sauvignon Blanc or a lightly-chilled cellar temperature for a fruity Pinot Noir, we offer wine coolers from top brands.

Whether you choose a fabulous freestanding or innovative integrated wine cooler, we stock a scintillating selection of wine storage options to complement your fine-crafted kitchen.

No two wines are the same, and as a connoisseur you want to ensure that each is stored in the very best way it can be. Take the first step to achieving your dream kitchen and visit one of our stores today.

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