Kitchen Cooker Hobs

Things to think about

Whether you prefer cooking on gas or with an electric hob, Wren Kitchens is sure to offer the top-branded hobs to turn your cooking space into the kitchen of your dreams.

Our suave selection of four- and five-ring hobs are designed and manufactured by leading kitchen appliance manufacturers, so quality, reliability and durability is always guaranteed.

Crafted from top-quality materials to complement your kitchen worktops in style, our quality gas hobs breathe new life into the bustling nerve centre of your home.

Talk to our design and planning team and find out more by visiting your local showroom.

The choices - electric, gas, induction


If you're looking for a good value option, an electric hob may be for you. They can be fitted anywhere and suit any style of kitchen.


Gas is traditionally the chef's best friend, so if you're a keen cook, this might be the best option for you. It is slightly more expensive than an electric hob, but it responds quickly when cooking, and gives predictable, evenly distributed heat. Gas hobs are more fiddly to clean though.


If you like the responsiveness of gas, but worry about safety, or cannot have it installed, then induction hobs are definitely worth considering. They work by creating a magnetic field between the pan and the element under the glass - meaning that only the pan gets hot, but the surface doesn't. If you have small children, this is an obvious bonus. If you opt for an induction hob you'll need to make sure that your pans are suitable. Check on the label before you buy.

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