Wall Cabinets Installation Guide

If you have chosen full height wall cabinets, draw a line 1200mm above the 870mm line and this will show the top line of your wall cabinets. If you have chosen tall wall cabinets the top line must be 1380mm above the 870mm line. These top lines correspond to the heights of the full height and tall tower cabinets respectively.


Remove all of the packaging. Remove all doors and shelves. Your wall cabinets hang on to two steel wall plates which are screw fixed behind each cabinet. To position the wall plates, measure down 60mm from your 2070mm or 2250mm lines to give you the height line for all plates. Now mark the combination of cabinet widths on each line and this will give you each plates position if you measure 40mm in from the end of each cabinet.

Wall Cabinets Boxed

Wren wall cabinets have the latest concealed cabinet suspension brackets. These are not visible from inside the cabinet but can be adjusted through each top rear hole in the cabinet back.

Wren do not provide screws to fix the steel wall plates as we do not know what your wall is made from. Our cabinets are designed to carry "heavy domestic" loading, please ensure that your method of fixing is equal to this task.

If you have a wall corner cabinet in your kitchen then, as with base cabinets, begin your installation in the corner. Measure 662mm from the corner and fix your 600mm corner cabinet up to this line. Now fix the wall corner post and you are ready to build away in both directions.

Wall Cabinets

If you have problems with the flatness or plumb of your walls, take advice on how to level and fix your cabinets securely. Do not take chances.

For added strength and security, each of your wall cabinets is supplied with two rear corner brackets that are screw fixed in to the bottom corner behind each back panel.

When you have hung and levelled a wall cabinet, mark the central hole in each corner bracket on to your wall through the back panel. Take off the whole cabinet and drill / insert two fixings into the wall. Replace your cabinet, re-check for level and then fix through the two bottom corners making sure that the cabinet is level.

We recommend that you screw fix each cabinet to the adjoining cabinet by screwing behind each hinge plate when cabinets are clamped together. Replace the doors and shelves and continue with the next wall cabinet.

Where you have more than 1 wall cabinet stacked vertically e.g. two bridging cabinets, the same rules for installation apply. Mark out the wall plate and corner bracket positions and ensure sound fixing points are available.