Small Kitchen Design Tips: Love Your Small Room


We love our small rooms! And as part of Love Your Small Rooms week we wanted to offer some handy advice and tips on how to make the most of the space you’ve got…

We’re not all blessed with a lavish kitchen worthy of Mary Berry, but that’s not to say we can’t utilise the space and make it our own perfect, cosy hub of the home. After all, the best things come in small packages, right?!

Open shelves

Small Kitchens With Open Shelves

If you’re stuck for unit space, try mounting shelves to your walls. This will really open up the space, and eliminate that ‘boxed in’ feel that may come with installing lots of units in a small space. You could even store some of your kitchen necessities here: displaying home baking products will give your kitchen that homely, cottage feel!

Natural & artificial light

Modern Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is paramount in a small space, particularly a kitchen — make sure your windows are not blocked by elaborate curtains or dark blinds. Mirrors are a great way to reflect the light that does come through, making your kitchen seem brighter as well as bigger. We have a fantastic range of mirrors in a variety of designs to get your style juices flowing.

Artificial light can be just as effective as a flood of natural light in opening up your small kitchen — consider installing lights under your wall units (if you have them), and along your plinths at the bottom of base units to give your kitchen an appealing glow once the sun has gone down.

Choosing your palette

Linda Barker Wren Kitchen Brochure And Colour Palette

It’s commonly known that lighter colours will help give the illusion of more space in a small room. But not only this, warmer shades like cream, champagne and light pastels will help create a more welcoming atmosphere; an important factor for the room where we spend 42 hours a week (or more than 14,000 days of our lives!) Things to avoid would be dark colours and heavy patterns; anything that’s going to close the space and draw it inwards, making the room feel smaller than it is. Take advantage of our Linda Barker Colour Stories and feel inspired.

Integrated appliances

Wren Kitchen With Integrated Dishwasher

A kitchen that is de-cluttered and encompasses a unified design will give a higher impression of space. Take this into account when planning your appliances; having lots of standalone appliances in your small kitchen will give it a random, disorganised look. If you can, integrate your appliances into your kitchen units to give the room a clean sweeping feel. A run of units is more aesthetic than a run of appliances! To save a little more floor space, integrate your waste disposal into a base unit; we offer options that have different compartments for your recycling, meaning you don’t have to have separate standalone bins in your kitchen that take up space.

Magic corner
Modern White Kitchen WIth Magic Corner Storage Unit

This is a favourite of mine — make the most of your corners and install a magic corner base unit, giving you a plentiful storage space for pots and pans or turn it into a mini pantry! Another space-saving trick is to install storage racks on the inside of your unit doors — a great place to keep cling film, tin foil or even utensils if you’d rather them there than cluttering your worktop. Check out our dedicated Clever Home Ideas board on Pinterest for more storage hacks that will save you time and money, whilst making modern life that little bit easier!


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