Quirky Ways to Accessorise Your Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a multifunctional room used for everything from fun family time, to homework club, so it needs to be a dynamic and inspirational space. With all the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen, it can be easy for the aesthetics to get overlooked but by focussing on the little things, such as charming kitchen accessories, you can bring the whole room together.

So, why not spend some time decking out your kitchen with quirky accessories that will make sure your kitchen is like no other? You might be surprised at just what a difference it can make.

Vintage knick knacks

Adding a few fun and eccentric oddities from your local vintage shop can really help those traditional style kitchens feel like home. A few signs, or perhaps some old jars along the window, can give your kitchen space that individual and quirky feeling that makes your home stand out.

Vintage finds are perfect for traditional style kitchens as they complement the décor, whilst bringing a unique rustic feel of authenticity to your kitchen space. They can also work well in modern kitchens for an interesting design twist. You’ll need to be careful how you build the contrast but a few well-chosen knick knacks can be all it takes to create a personal yet modern kitchen area.

Vintage Style Kitchen With Quirky Accessories

Lights, camera, action!

A great way to accessorise your kitchen if you’re short on space is by using fun lighting arrangements. Cool and quirky lampshades invite individuality into the space, as well as bringing great colours and interesting textures into the room.

Using lights with variable heights can also be a good way to create a unique look in your kitchen. For example, if you opt for hanging lights the dynamic offset of the different heights can add an interesting edge to your kitchen. Similarly, choosing something bold and bright, like a geometric ceiling light, is the perfect way to make your kitchen stand out. It’s definitely on my wish list!

Intricate Pendant Lighting in Bright White Kitchen


A vase of fresh flowers is a lovely way to complete any interior space. They bring a simple and natural feel to the room and can add life and light to your kitchen space. Flowers alone look beautiful but there are many other quirky and interesting ways to display plants and vases.

One of my favourites is to make a DIY terrarium. Just grab a jar or vase, fill it with soil and various small cacti and plants and you have your very own tiny garden in a vase! It’s a great addition to a windowsill or ledge and helps incorporate a natural element into your kitchen.

Growing a small herb garden in window planters or pots is another great idea. Herbs are a charming accessory for your kitchen and will come in handy when you’re cooking up a storm!

Kitchen With Detailed Wallpaper and Pendent Lighting

Wall stickers

If you find yourself with some spare wall space and you want to do something a bit different with it, a decorative wall sticker could be the perfect solution. Available in a large variety of designs and styles, you will be spoilt for choice. A stick-on silhouette can be eye-catching and will easily fill up that empty kitchen wall.

Inspiration for kitchen accessories is never far, so keep your eyes open when you’re out and about and see what catches your attention. Remember, a kitchen is a blank canvas just waiting for your unique – and perhaps quirky – stamp.


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