Five Innovative Kitchen Storage Ideas


One of the most important parts of a successful kitchen design is adequate storage. Great storage will help you to keep your cooking space looking clean, clear and stylish.

As well as playing a big role in the aesthetics of a kitchen, storage is also a huge factor in determining how practical and functional your kitchen can be. With good storage solutions, you can make your kitchen a joy to live and work in, regardless of its shape or size.

If you’re having a brand new kitchen installed and want to make the most of every corner, nook and cranny, as well as create a fantastic overall look, here are five innovative storage solutions that are sure to help you achieve your goal.

Make the most of your corners

As one of the least utilised spaces in the kitchen, the corners of your cabinets, cupboards and units are perfect for transforming into storage space. You could even add extra corner units to create even more space for pots, pans and appliances! With a range of corner storage solutions available, finding one to suit your kitchen should be easy. This will help you to get everything tidied away quickly and easily, whilst retaining that fantastic, designer look.

Corner Kitchen Storage Unit With Canned Food

Squeeze in a larder

If you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance that you have your spices, oils and other condiments out on the work surface for all to see. By adding a larder to your kitchen design, you can create a storage area that’s incredibly easy to access, unobtrusive and spacious, whilst also making it easier than ever to tidy all your cooking ingredients and accessories away.

Pull Out Kitchen Storage Larder

Redesign your drawers

Though your kitchen drawers probably already contain a lot, by redesigning their interiors you can make them into an even more useful storage space. From pizza slicers to cutlery and scissors to spatulas, you can create space to store all of your kitchen tools and appliances, whilst still enhancing your overall kitchen design.

Drawer Dividers Kitchen Storage Solution

Go high

Another area that’s often overlooked when it comes to storage is the space above your cupboards. By using this area to store occasionally used appliances and kitchenware, you can free up valuable space in your cupboards for your more regularly used tools. Try using wicker baskets above your units for rustic country appeal.

Kitchen Storage Baskets

Make your storage part of the aesthetic

Though many storage solutions aim to hide your crockery, cutlery, and utensils away, you could consider using storage units to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics. Glass front display cabinets, wine racks and illuminated shelves are all great ways to add chic style to your kitchen design.

Not only will this give you valuable storage space, it will help you to stamp your personality on your kitchen design. The finished result will be totally unique to you and your family.

Glass Fronted Display Cabinets in Kitchen


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