Essential Kitchen Accessories for the Summertime


A few weeks ago we shared our advice on throwing a brilliant barbeque and gave you some tips on how you can plan ahead and make entertaining for guests a breeze. Today, we’ve gone one step further, so here’s our list of top kitchen gadgets you can’t go without this summer.

Now that the kids have finished school for the summer, any time you can save preparing and cooking the dinner is even more essential. Plus, investing in a few new gadgets is also a great way to inspire those kiddies and get them involved in the kitchen.

Homemade Ice-lolly (Moulds) Summertime Kitchen Ice Lolly Moulds

Making homemade ice-lollies was always a favourite past time of mine when growing up. It’s so simple to do and involves very few ingredients; a tub of natural yoghurt and some delicious fresh fruit and you’re well on your way. They’re also really nutritious and fun to make – win, win! And, Jamie Oliver has some simple instructions for you, here.



Blender and/or juicer Kitchen Blender for Summertime

If you’re conscious about eating well and love fresh fruit juices and smoothies, then it’s a great idea to invest in your own appliance. There’s so many compact and easy-to-use models available these days, that storage and accessibility aren’t really an issue anymore. Once again, it’s also a really fun way to get the kids involved as they can get creative with their own recipes and concoctions!



Vegetable spiralizer Summertime Kitchen Accessory Vegetable Spiralizer

During the summer, after a long hot day the last thing I want to eat is something heavy, such as pasta or potatoes. The hot weather makes me crave something fresh, light and tasty! A vegetable spiralizer is a great accessory for making salads and recreating pasta dishes using vegetable spaghetti – perfect if you’re hankering after your favourite pasta dish but don’t want anything too filling!


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