Creative Kitchen Seating Ideas


We all know that there is nothing worse than shrinking an already small kitchen space with unnecessarily large and chunky seating, especially if it is barely used.

So, if you’re in a tight space, or aren’t sure which seating solution is best for your large kitchen, then we’ve got some great ways for you to rest your legs in style with our creative seating concepts.

 Breakfast bar

 Placing a breakfast bar in your kitchen – like the gorgeous Framed Alabaster Timber Kitchen – can help you create a natural seating area whilst avoiding the bulky, space-consuming expense of a full kitchen table.

Large Open Plan Home With Kitchen and Breakfast Bar

Place a few stools behind the breakfast bar and you’ve got yourself an easy eating area that looks sleek and sophisticated. Make sure you think about how you’ll incorporate lights over this area too, as you don’t want your family to be forced to eat in the dark! Suspended pendant lights are a popular choice but there are plenty of innovative ways and ideas you can explore to illuminate your breakfast bar.

 Window seating

 If you are lucky enough to have snagged that beautiful top floor apartment, with its slanting roofs and great views, then you may find it a struggle to fit seating into, what is often, a tiny kitchen.

Window Seat and Kitchen Table

Fortunately, kitchen windows can make for great seating areas. Installing a small window seat and placing some cushions, perhaps even a small folding table next to it, could be your ideal solution. A window seat will provide a lovely seating space with an abundance of natural light, creating an open and airy feeling.

Reduced height cabinets

Another huge issue in kitchen design is finding space for enough storage; between appliances and furniture it can be hard for a small kitchen to have enough room for a seating area, as well as enough storage space.

By reducing the height of some of your storage cabinets you could kill two birds with one stone. The top of the cabinet can be used as casual seating with cushions etc. making it comfortable and homey, whilst a cabinet or drawers below can create further kitchen storage.

These cabinets are great for a casual coffee with friends, or a perfect seating area for kids!

Indented your island

Modern Kitchen With Island and Seating

If your kitchen has a large amount of open space, an island could be a beautiful and stylish addition to your kitchen design. And, for a big family, this will give you extra dining space that you will really value

By indenting your island underneath, you can create enough space to fit stools for adding seating. This handy bunker of space will also double as a storage area. When the stools aren’t in use you can simply tuck them away under your island. Excess space and seating all in one; brilliant!


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