How to Create a Colour Palette for Your Kitchen


This week on the blog we’ve been exploring how use of colour can effect and completely change how your interiors look. Adding a splash of colour, or some under-cupboard lighting, can accentuate different aspects of your design for a whole new finish. Deciding upon a colour scheme can seem difficult, so here are our tips for choosing the perfect palette.


This uses several shades and hues of the same colour – such as a range of blues. Inject some fun into your kitchen with lots of different patterns all in the same tonal shade.

Modern Handleless Kitchen In Soft Blue Colours


A harmonious palette is made up of closely related colours such as a mixture of pinks and purples, or yellows and greens. Experiment as traditional colour rules no longer apply.

Wren Designer Kitchen Framed Alabaster Timber Kitchen


Make a big impact by pairing up contrasting colours – red and green, orange and blue or purple and yellow. It could be overwhelming for a whole room but great for accessories.

Wren Designer Kitchen In Shaker Ermine True White


Whites, greys and blacks can be mixed and matched for standout effect – it’s always a sophisticated look. Add soft greys for warmth.

Monochrome Handleless Kitchen In Black And White


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